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Paris City Tours

See what others miss in Paris with our wide range of walking tours

Paris is a small capital (Obviously, we only speak here about its size). Hence, this place is made to have some awesome walking tours – Nancy Sinatra wouldn’t have denied it!” You may easily cross it within a few hours and take advantage of the versatility of its districts. You may however want to get immerged for a longer time in each of its villages. in any case you will find plently of choices that could suit you among our Paris city tours!

Of course, Montmartre and Le Marais, known all over the world, are some must-see. But Paris reserves many other opportunities, for those who like walking off the beaten track or already know central historic districts.

Why not make you way with one of our Welcomers, on a quest for unusual locations and for their hidden assets: dive into Les Batignolles authenticity; discover La Goutte d’Or’s cosmopolitanism or Canal Saint-Martin’s poetry.

For groups or in private, we have awesome city tours in Paris for everyone!

Another Paris is a stone throw away from the common paths: a city where modern town planning makes districts be reborn, where the everyday life can be seized on the fly. Our strolls open the doors of all Paris’ faces to you.

Then join us and see what other people don’t see by taking one of our small group or private city tours in Paris with an awesome expert that will show you the very best!