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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Paris Day Tours

What if you only had a single day or half a day in Paris? Ideal for first-timers and people having a long layover in the city, our Paris day tours can be done either in small group or Private. Our awesome city expert will guide you through the heart of the city to show the best of it. You will admire Paris most famous landmarks as well as taking advantage of the beautiful perspectives you can find all along the city of Light.

Some small escapades except the main axis of the city will take you to the foot of the Eiffel Tower, inf ront of the majestuous Cathedral of Notre Dame and at the top of Montmartre hill. Experience the true Parisian way of life by taking public transportation, but you can also do it in a more confortable way by getting a luxury car to make the most of the city in a short time. A single day maybe, but doubtless one of the most pleasant of your life!