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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Romance in Paris Tours

When one holds the title of “the most romantic city of the world”, one must assume. With our romance in Paris tours, we have decided to meet the challenge inferred by such a nickname and to make couples feel why being in love in Paris is a doubled happiness! Because of your partner. Because of the City. You’ve just got married, just betrothed? Or you intend to make this journey in Paris the perfect frame for a proposal?

Either, you already have long years of loving “companionship” behind and wish to renew the wishes which bound you both for life?

We’re with you to turn these unique moments into exceptional memories. Express us your dreams: a boat trip, a tour of carriage, a flight of pigeons, a privatized roof top, either simply the suggestion the best places to kiss fervently or to bury a knee by offering a ring.

We like your romanticism and we shall do everything so that Paris plays a role in your scenario.