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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Shopping Tours

Rumor says Parisian women have an inimitable style. So, flattering! Thanks for them. And they even might know how to remain thin… In our Shopping tours, our fashion addict might have that specific answer. More certainly, they will to give you friendly advice without which there is no efficient shopping: a vintage good address, a new designer, a shop to respect your budget. You will know everything about the Parisian passion for Fashion and the ways to share it in your turn.

One of our fashion ladies may also go with you a half-day long and put herself in the skin of your personal shopper. With her, you will find, confirm your style – or radically change, who knows? ‑ your wardrobe.

Why not taking advantage of being in Paris to treat yourself one day as a star, adding hairstyle to make-up, shopping advice to purchase and be turned into a true Parisian, at nightfall?

We cover any special need alike: you came to Paris to look for your bridal dress, a special ceremony attire? Paris and our Ladies Welcomers have resources enough to meet the challenge.