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1h Eiffel Tower Private Photoshoot

You’ve dreamed of the Eiffel Tower!  But is a selfie the best way to memorize it? No way! Let our expert take outstanding photos of you there!

Paris has so many places to offer for taking memorable pictures that choosing one site could be a nightmare! The Louvre, Notre-Dame, The Sacré-Coeur, The Opera Garnier… But if you want a legendary monumental décor, the Eiffel Tower is definitely a must! Our expert photographers knows all the best angles from which to embrace the silhouette of the French Iron Lady in order to make you the shining star of the image. So join us in one of our photo shoot if you want to feel like a star with your own private photo shoot! On top of that, get 30 professionally retouched photos to preserve your memories of Paris and this special monument. How could a selfie ever compare?