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Food Tours Paris France (at Lunch Time)

Paris has more to offer than a restaurant for lunch! Get ready to indulge yourself in one of our memorable gourmet food tours in Paris, France.

How about getting off the beaten track of a crowded restaurant or a quickly swallowed sandwich? We invite you to embark on some delicious gourmet food tours in Paris France that will single out this lunch as your best one in Paris. Our Welcomers will share their favorite places with you. Small, family-run shops, the ones only known to locals. Whether it’s through one of the liveliest Parisian markets or within a new trendy district, you will enjoy a variety of local mouthwatering specialties.

You won’t resist incomparable organic bread, a cheese shop as rich as Aladdin’s cave, an olive oil that embraces the whole of Provence or tasteful sausages made by true experts. You will leave with delightful memories and a stomach full of delectable French food!