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Heroes of the French Revolution

Relive the most famous day in the French history and retrace the route taken by the people who stormed La Bastille!

The French Revolution started on a Tuesday. Tuesday the 14th of July 1789, to be precise. That was the day of the famous Storming of the Bastille, when the history of France and Europe turned upside-down. Paris swirled with rumors, revolts, and — of course — decapitations. Quite a way to start the week!

Wish you had been around to see it? We can’t take you back in time, but “Meet the Locals from the Past” does give you a way to relive history. Join us as we meet the Parisians who led the storming of the Bastille and trace their route across the city.

At the start of the tour, you’ll receive a Historical Character Card. With it, you will take on the role of a key player in this historic event. It might be a lawyer, an officer, or a washerwoman! Don’t worry, you won’t have to do any acting. But you will get to know the cast of characters who changed History. “Meet the Locals from the Past” gives you a chance to step into their shoes and relive the French Revolution’s blend of hope and terror!

You will meet at Invalides, where the revolt started. Then you will follow the footsteps of the first revolutionaries from Place de la Concorde to Palais-Royal before finally making your way to the site of the Bastille fortress. We won’t be handing out any spears or muskets, but feel free to denounce the royalty as much as you want. You’ll have to stick around till the end to see if your character keeps their head!