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Damsels and Noblemen in Le Marais

Travel back in time and meet mad kings and plotting marquesses who stayed in opulent private mansions.

Le Marais means the swamp in French — which makes it sound like a great place for a stroll, right? Luckily, the swamp was drained centuries ago by monks, and replaced with pastures and orchards.

Since then, this charming neighborhood has seen an amazing number of transformations. Over the centuries it’s been home to a jousting field, Paris’s first aristocratic neighborhood, a vibrant Jewish community, and backyard factories. Today it is one of Paris’s most charming neighborhoods — and probably its most expensive!

“Meet the Locals from the Past” will take you back in time to meet some of the aristocratic personalities and noble scallywags who could be found in the private mansions and opulent gardens of Le Marais.

You’ll stroll from bustling Rue Saint-Antoine, through elegant Place des Vosges, past the kosher restaurants of Rue des Rosiers, and into the secluded courtyards of the Village Saint-Paul. And you won’t be able to miss Le Marais’s modern royalty! We’re talking about the fashion addicts who come to shop the area’s ultra-trendy boutiques!

At the start of the tour, you’ll receive a Historical Character Card. This card will give you the chance to walk in the footsteps of celebrity preachers, mad kings, and plotting marquesses. Relive the history of Paris’s chicest neighborhood!