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Marie Antoinette Tour

Marie-Antoinette! A name that makes many people dream… and shiver! No more controversial historical character in the French History than Marie-Antoinette, the last Queen of France. Recently Sofia Coppola’s movie about this woman has reactivated the fascination she exerted. Two centuries after Marie-Antoinette’s death, questions are still lingering. What was the Queen’s real personality? Was she the only one guilty of the disasters that led to the French Revolution? Our Marie Antoinette tour give clues to better understand her character and her time.

Our Marie-Antoinette Paris Tour will lead you in the footsteps of the young archduchess come to marry the future King of France. You will also see where she lived just before she endured her terrible fate.

In our Marie-Antoinette Versailles Tour, you will enter into the Queen’s privacy. In her Trianon Estate, the setting where she tried to escape the burden of the life at Court has been perfectly preserved. These are perfect tours if you’re a true 18th-century buff or simply someone who loved princess tales.