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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Original Tours

Ideal for repeaters, Our Paris off the beaten track & original tours will give you an opportunity to enjoy the hidden face of the city.

Along our wide range of choices, take the chance to taste french traditional food in an outdoor market. Behold parisian Street Art made by genious artists. Learn everything about the resistance in Paris. So many opportunities you can’t miss if you are a repeater and already know all the main city’s spots.

So why not making you way with one of our lovely Welcomers, on a quest for unusual locations and for their hidden assets. Dive into Les Batignolles authenticity. Or discover Canal Saint-Martin’s poetry.

Another Paris is a stone throw away from the common paths. A city where modern town planning makes districts be reborn, where the everyday life can be seized on the fly. Our strolls open you the doors of all Paris’ hidden faces.