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Street Art Tours and Workshop

Discover the urban artistic phenomenon with our Street arts tours in Paris!

Street art has been ornamenting urban environments for years now, making lively and creative atmospheres all around the world. Street art has particularly impacted Paris and you can now find marvelous frescos and art pieces all over town, in the most popular neighborhoods. Guided by a true street art expert, you will open your eyes wide and contemplate all the masterpieces on you way.

During our walk in your street art workshop in the lovely Bercy area, begin with a walk to see some awesome masterpieces before engaging your entire family on art and get to make your very own piece of art thanks to an experienced street artist!

Whether you are with a group of friends or your family, we have THE perfect street art tours for you!

And if you wish to walk and hear stories of the Butte aux Cailles only, we also have a quaint walking tour of the neighborhood, away from the crowds and in the heart of Parisian street art scene, to have a true local experience.

Or explore another neighborhood: Belleville and Menilmontant, in the East of Paris. You will wander in a very rich area that deserves its popular reputation. Like the Butte aux Cailles, Belleville & Menilmontant will display the best of what the street art scene has to offer today. Located in the heart of the 20th arrondissement, this tour will also introduce you to Parisian life, to its trends and specificities. Learn how street art has become a vivid part of the Parisians’ daily life.