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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Versailles Tours

Paris and Versailles are historically bound. Impossible to see the one without seeing the other. To enter the Sun King’s Palace in the best conditions, we offer you tours which, all, benefit from skip-the-line tickets and a knowledgeable licensed guide. You might choose one of our Versailles tours in a private basis, dedicated to your own party, even if there are only the two of you. Imagine your entry to the Hall of Mirrors opened on immense gardens!

If you aim to join a group, book our Historical Adventure Tour, during which you will feel in the shoes of Versailles courtiers and will understand, as an insider, how the royal lifestyle looks somehow different from behind the curtains. Our Marie-Antoinette full-day tour might also convince you that it was not always simple to live in that Palace in the late 18th century.

Your young children (and yourself) will highly appreciate the visit that we concocted to interest our youngest visitors: a discovery livened up with an activity booklet to solve some historic mysteries and learn funny anecdotes about Louis XIV. Why not coupling a Palace visit with a journey back in time? In Versailles, everything is possible.

Book our Versailles Palace tour including one-hour family photo shoot and experience to wear a sack-back dress or a refined white wig. And let our professional photographer immortalize you in your Royalty! Beauty of the palace, charm of gardens, unexpected experiences: Versailles has everything to please. Do not hesitate any more: come over!