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Have you ever thought on going apeshit in a 225 years museum? Everything is possible in Paris, Beyonce and Jay Z went totally wild at the Louvre!  Let’s say SUMMER 2k18 is the personification of LOVE, “Apeshit” song is a big flip-over by the Royal couple, basically saying “LMAO, WE’RE IN LOVE AND YOU HATERS CAN HATE”.

What I found interesting is the fact that they recorded the video at the freaking Louvre Museum!  I didn’t expect less from Queen B, cultured and engaged to Black Movement and Feminism. Who never heard of the Louvre Museum in Paris? Who never saw a picture of the famous Mona Lisa? Who does know Nike? But the real question is: do you even know what Nike means? hehe! 

Even the museum did it with their JAY-Z and Beyonce at the Louvre trail!

What I like about The Carters choice of arts to expose in their video, is that they gave to their audience an alternative way to read those paintings and sculptures. That is why, maybe, the Louvre surfed on the couple notoriety to propose an itinerary (check it out here) based on the masterpieces showed in the music video. Once your downloaded on your phone, you are good to go on Bey’s trail! 

However, if you are interested in more that just spotting those chef d’oeuvres, you can do it with a Louvre expert who will also be able to explain both side of the story. Such as, what is the statue of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the painting of The Raft of the Medusa or Madame Récamier and why The Cartes choosed them. hehe! And remember, the Louvre is huge, better have someone who can orient herself once inside.

Like Bey said herself “I can’t believe we made it”. Long live the Queen! If your teens and the rest of your family is looking for this Beyonce & Jay-z tour at the Louvre, Meet The Locals would be happy to make it happen. Do not hesitate and contact us!


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