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Louvre Treasure Hunt – Kids Tour (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!
  • No waiting in line with your kids to get into the Louvre, thanks to our skip-the-line tickets.
  • Kids will have fun solving a mystery at the famous Louvre Palace!
  • A private Louvre Family Tour that suits all ages
  • With our awesome activity booklets, your children will be hooked on art!
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A kid-friendly certified guide for 2 hours / A skip-the-line ticket to the Louvre museum / An activity booklet for each child

You’ve probably heard a million times that the Louvre Museum is the biggest in the world. Okay, okay. But is that going to sell it to your children? They are so small and the museum is so gigantic! The Louvre can be a fabulous place for children when you hold the key to their curiosity! That’s why we have planned a very creative and fun Louvre for Kids tour to engage them.

They will have to unravel a mystery inside the Louvre! Your Art Historian Welcomer will guide them through every step in an amusing and informative way! They will be exploring Egyptian mythology, Greek Latin Antiques and, of course, Italian Art, such as the famous Mona Lisa!

At first, your guide will give your kids an activity booklet, tailor made by age range (from 3 to 6 or 7 to 12 years old). They will follow the same course, but with adapted challenges. Actors of their tour, they will see and discuss works of art in a relaxed atmosphere ‑ with drawing or coloring activities for the younger ones.

A Louvre for Kids tour designed to be fun and informative at the same time!

In every step of their progress in solving the enigma, their observational skills will help them advance! With each answer, they will win a clue written on a card. Once the whole set of cards has been collected, all the clues put together will lead them to solve the puzzle!

But this Louvre for Kids tour is not only focused on your children! Everyone in your family will see the main masterpieces of the museum and will learn a ton from your Welcomer’s knowledge. We guarantee a great recipe for a successful family experience!

And if you have already visited the Louvre Museum, check out our Orsay Museum Kids tour if you’re looking for other awesome activities in Paris made for kids and families!

Important Remark: The Louvre is closed every Tuesday and therefore this tour cannot be booked on that day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this tour doesn’t include access to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition occurring at the Louvre between October 24th 2019 and February 24th 2020


From what age is this Louvre for Kids tour interesting for children?

Your dear children should be at least 3 years old for the best experience. But your whole family is welcome and as it is a private activity, we can totally adapt this Louvre for Kids tour!

Is there any interest for teens and adults in this tour?

Absolutely! This private Louvre tour fits everyone and we guarantee an informative and fun activity for all ages. However, if you are looking for an activity specially crafted for teenagers, have a look at our Louvre Adventure Game – Teens Tour!

May I keep my stroller as we have a baby/toddler?

As long as it is not a jogging stroller, you can bring your stroller and can even borrow one at the Louvre if you don’t have yours with you.

Can we still do this Louvre kids tour if we have more than 4 people?

Just advise us in your request form about the number of people in your party, as well as their category (adult or child), so we’ll be able to tell you about the extra fee per additional person to book this Louvre treasure hunt.

Price Details

  • 390€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: - Passage Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France
  1. :

    Visiting the world famous Louvre is both awe-inspiring and intimidating as it is a gorgeous museum with well known works of art, but it can be difficult to navigate such an enormous place with hordes of other visitors. We decided to hire a private guide to make the most efficient use of our time. I also wanted to ensure that both of our daughters (11 & 9 years old) learned as much as possible while keeping things fun and interesting for them. I found Meet The Locals via Google search for guides that catered to families and made arrangements with the co-founder, Dominique, through their website and email.
    We met our guide, Sophie, at the Passage Richelieu entering from the Rue de Rivoli. It is a spectacular way to enter the museum as you walk beneath the grand arches and approach the glass pyramid with the bright sunlight streaming into the courtyard. Dominique, had emailed us a photo of our guide in advance and we had sent her a photo of us so that we could easily identify each other. Once we had made contact, Sophie led us to the entrance. We were able to skip the line and quickly entered the museum for the tour. Sophie gave each of our daughters an activity booklet and a pencil to use throughout the tour. The tour was designed to be interactive, educational, and fun.
    My wife and I had been to the Louvre many years ago before the children were born. Although that visit was enjoyable, having Sophie as a private guide made this second visit brilliant. We learned so much more with Sophie explaining fascinating details that we completely missed on our first visit. By piquing the curiosity of our daughters with the activity booklets and cue cards, Sophie made the Louvre visit into an educational mystery game for the girls. It was such a delight to see them so keen to participate in the game. There was no chance of them getting bored during this tour. On more than one occasion, I observed other families eavesdropping on Sophie during our tour and I could hear their children asking to participate in the same activity as our daughters.
    Sophie bonded well with our daughters and she made our visit to the Louvre a wonderfully memorable one. The tour lasted about two and a half hours, but it seemed shorter as time passed quickly with the girls actively listening and participating. If we had wanted a longer tour, Sophie could have easily arranged one, but it was an ideal length of time for us.
    We ended our tour with a delicious lunch at Café Marly beside the museum.
    I highly recommend using Meet the Locals to enhance any visit you plan to make to Paris with children.

  2. :

    We (Myself, my husband, our 10 and 7 year old children) went on a trip to Europe this summer and arrived in Paris with no excursions booked! I contacted Meet The Locals via their website and Thomas responded right away and booked us a trip to the Louvre with Camille. She knew the Louvre inside and out, tailored the tour for the kids with mystery clues and adventure while learning important aspects of the art pieces and we had a lovely ice cream together after! We loved her so much that we booked her for a Versailles tour 2 days later.

  3. :

    Camille was so awesome- we loved her! Our tour was THE BEST!!!!! We truly enjoyed every minute of it. Camille was a trooper and we feel that we learned even more than we expected. Thank you so much, I will recommend your company to anyone I know travelling to Paris.

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