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Louvre Masterpieces Evening Tour (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!

  • You’ll get VIP treatment! Skip the line at the Louvre entrance in the evening.
  • You'll experience a less crowded museum in the evening.
  • Your Welcomer will tell you the story of 10 must-see masterpieces.
  • You won’t need a map or an audio guide, so you can focus 100% on the artwork.
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A private certified guide for 2 hours / A skip-the-line ticket to the Louvre museum

You look for a way to get the best of the Louvre, avoiding as much as possible crowds of tourists. This Louvre evening tour is the perfect solution to your wish. With our skip-the-line tickets and a late entrance into the museum – when all the others are leaving – you’ll visit the biggest museum in the world in the best conditions.

You will share this experience with a passionate art historian who perfectly knows the Louvre and its various departments. He chose for you few unmissable works of art and will you anecdotes and commentaries that makes your visit enjoyable and interactive. This tour proves that sunset is not the end of day!

To start this Louvre evening tour, you will meet your guide in front of the Louvre pyramid, maybe already lit up for its night party! In the Louvre huge hall, the daytime crownd decreases slowly and leaves you enjoy the museum in a quieter way.

Your guide will take you to the Medieval remains of the very first Louvre. The walls around are 800 years old… And they still stand. You can even touch them ! They make you understand that the Louvre, previously to be a royal palace, was a simple fortress.

This Louvre Evening Tour is the perfect way to have a very special experience of it

Up a few steps, you reach the Greek Latin Antiques galleries. In those rooms, an army of armless gods and headless goddesses is on watch on the marble floors. Older than 2 millenaries, the main masterpieces are called the the Venus de Milo or the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

The Italian paintings department is of a great importance in the museum. The French kings loved Italy and often invited Italian artists to work in France. That’s how Francis I purchased the Mona Lisa. When they could’nt buy,wel… they stole. You will be told how Veronese’s Wedding feast at Cana entered the Louvre and never got out again.

The Coronation of Napoleon is one of the best-known image of 19th century French Art. The story of its making is full of anecdotes and riddles. With less people in the room, you’ll be able to sit on comfortable sofas to listen to it. You may even have time to number how many characters are painted within the frame.

Then let's admire few sculptures: Michelangelo’s Slaves are the only two works of the master ever kept in France. The evening atmosphere of the Sculpture galleries gives even more life to this marble giants. It seems they could wake up any minute.

To end this Louvre evening tour, make a stop in the Marly Courtyard, where you’ll be able to spot four beautiful sculpted horses. Have a look around. This space formerly belonged to a ministry. At night time, its light display and the dark sky above the glassroof create a magnificent scenery. With less and less visitors around, you feel as if the museum only belongs to you. An unforgettable sensation that only a late entrance into the museum can provide.

It’s now time to leave the masterpieces in peace before the morning crowds and to share with your guide a friendly moment around a drink in a café. On your way, you may have a glimpse on the Louvre façades in their night gown. Truly a masterpiece in itself!

And if you're looking for more awesome evening activities to do in Paris, have a look at our Night Tours in Paris!


IMPORTANT NOTE: this Louvre tour doesn't include access to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition occurring between October 24th 2019 and February 24th 2020


May I ask for changes in the itinerary?

This Louvre evening tour is designed to allow you to see the most of Louvre masterpieces in an assigned duration. If you want to see something else than we planned, don’t hesitate to book your private Louvre tour customized at your wishes by clicking here.

May I stay inside the museum after my Louvre evening tour?

Of course! But be aware that this Louvre evening tour will end around 9:00pm and the late Louvre openings end at 9:45pm. Thus, You may remain on your own a little bit less than 1 hour. If you prefer to book a Louvre tour in the morning, to benefit from a whole day of visit with the same ticket, click here.

If this Louvre evening tour ends late, are there some places to eat around?

There are plenty! Your Welcomer will be able to advise you about nice restaurants in the close-by neighborhood: around Palais-Royal, the Avenue de l’Opéra or Saint-Honoré street. Just ask you guide to enjoy a local food experience around the Louvre.

What if we are more than 4 people?

Just advise us in your request form about the number of people in your party, as well as their category (adult or child). So we’ll be able to tell you about the extra fee for the additionnal person(s).

Price Details

  • 420€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: - At the foot of the equestrian statue of Louis XIV, in front of the Pyramid. Closest metro station Palais Royal Musée-du-Louvre (Metro lines 1 & 7).

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