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Louvre Masterpieces Guided Tour (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!

  • You’ll get VIP treatment in this Louvre private Tour! Skip the line at its entrance.
  • Your welcomer will tell you the story of 10 must-see masterpieces.
  • You won’t need a map or an audio guide, so you can focus 100% on the artwork.
  • You’ll enjoy 20 centuries of art in a relaxed, private two-hour stroll.
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A certified guide for 2 hours / A skip-the-line ticket to the Louvre museum

30,000 works of art displayed over 68,000m², 2,000 employees, 793 glass diamonds as a pyramid, more than 220 years of age, 12,5 km long corridors, 9 millions of guests a year. I guess you already know who I am!!! Simply the biggest museum in the world, the Louvre itself.

Meet the Locals offers you in this Louvre private tour the chance to elevate your visitor status to that of special guest of your welcomer, a passionate historian of art, who knows the building better than anything else. Given that, even for the most enthusiastic amateur, 30,000 works of art could be… too many!

Hence the presence of your welcomer: to select masterpieces among masterpieces, to give you commentaries and anecdotes that makes this kind of visit enjoyable. All that remains for you to do: choosing your most comfortable shoes ever. You are ready for History!

In Details

First masterpiece of the Louvre? The Louvre itself! You’ll begin your Louvre Private tour with the Medieval remains of the very first Louvre. The walls you walk along there are more than 800 years old and were tailored by masons building the kings of France the most powerful fortress of the time. Nothing left from this endeavor, except these impressive 6-meter-deep trenches.

Up a few steps, here we are into the Greek Latin Antiques department, home of headless ladies and armless goddesses. From the first category, the Winged Victory of Samothrace waits for you at the top of a huge stairway. She seems about to fly away which is highly unlikely: unable to be moved, the sculpture was restored at the exact place it’s on display! Venus de Milo, despite the loss of her arms, embodies sensuality of the Ancient times.

The Italian paintings department is one of the biggest of the museum. French sovereigns simply loved Italian art and culture, some of them were even of Italian ancestry (Louis XIV for instance). Some expressed this love by buying art, like François I who purchased Mona Lisa. Some were less delicate, like Napoleon Bonaparte, who simply stole works of art during his military campaigns in Italy. That’s how Veronese’s Marriage at Cana hangs in front of La Joconde. The latter is the greatest of the museum by its fame, the first by its… size!

A Enlightening Louvre Tour in Private including Skip the Line tickets and a Certified Guide!

Size doesn’t matter when talent is present, does it? An ultimate proof of this motto is the Raphael’s Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione, which is modest in regards to its size but highly admirable by its white, grey and black harmonious gradation. Furthermore, it offers the most beautiful blue-eyed look of the whole of history of art. Sensible chicks… don’t refrain…

Speaking about Napoléon, let’s contiue this Louvre private Tour by going in the next room where 19th century French paintings are on display. The canvas depicting Napoleon’s Coronation gathers more than 200 characters. Fortunately, your welcomer is there to show you who’s important and who’s less and to report anecdotes about the creation of the painting.

Very close, hangs against the wall a painting particularly cherished by the French people. They may not all know its title, but they recognize it from their heart, because it long illustrated the 100-francs’ banknote. This canvas, Delacroix’s Liberty leading the People, shows France as a rebel woman, uniting all social classes around her irresistible impetus.

Let’s talk about sculpture again with the only two Michelangelo works of art ever kept in France. These two Slaves were first conceived to decorate a Pope’s grave and were offered to France with the purpose of sparing your welcomer the rule of the French army. Michelangelo against War… the artist won…

In the last part of the Louvre palace finally dedicated to the museum, your welcomer will make you feel the grandeur of French classical stone art. The 4 Marly Horses are giving a lively lesson of esthetic with their subtle differences of period and style. They’re standing in a beautifully restored courtyard, where, 30 years ago still, was located the heart of a serious ministry.

According to your itinerary and beyond these must-see, your welcomer will share her personal taste for lesser known masterpieces, in order to make you experience the Louvre atmosphere as a true connoisseur.

And if after this Louvre Private Tour you want to visit more Parisian Museums, have a look at our Paris Museums Tour page!


IMPORTANT NOTE: this Louvre tour doesn’t include access to the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition occurring between October 24th 2019 and February 24th 2020

Price Details

  • 420€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: - Under the “groups” sign located inside Passage Richelieu, on the other side of the metro station Palais Royal Musée-du-Louvre (Metro lines 1 & 7). You just need then to cross rue de Rivoli and the passage is there.

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