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Stars of Montparnasse in the Roaring Twenties – Historical Adventure Tour

Why you shouldn't miss it!

  • Walk the steps of Hemingway and his friends that have engraved Montparnasse with their fame
  • Learn why Paris has been the cradle of the Roaring Twenties!
  • Enjoy a playful 2,5-hour walking tour in a small group of 6 people max
  • Have a complimentary drink in a famous “brasserie” to feel like at the heyday of Montparnasse.
Your Welcomers
In a nutshell

2.5 Hours

Group (6 max)


Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A complimentary drink

If you’re attracted to the Roaring Twenties, this Montparnasse walking tour is a wonderful way to relive that glorious period and understand why this district was the heart of the Golden Twenties.

Rather than attending a boring conference, join this “Meet the Locals from the Past” walking tour that will make you travel back in time. We have crafted a unique way of involving you in the events that occurred in the 20s, without any acting or costumes!

Here is how it works:

  • At the start of the tour, pick a Historical Character Card.
  • You card presents stars of the Golden Years such as Modigliani, Hemingway and more!
  • Along this Montparnasse walking tour, your Welcomer will call you card and make you relive the extravagance of The Roaring Twenties
  • Don’t worry! We won’t ask you to do any acting!

Your Welcomer, who is a passionate expert of the Golden Twenties and a kind of magician, will make Montparnasse come alive as if you were back in the Flapper Era.

Let’s walk the Boulevard Montparnasse and its back streets that witnessed social and artistic revolutions in the 1920s: women were more independent (short skirts and hair), painters more audacious (Cubists, then Dadaists, then Surrealists) and musicians unleashed (swing, Charleston, jazz).

Along your Montparnasse walking tour, you will “meet” Hemingway and some other stars such as Alice Prin, also called Kiki. She came to Paris as a poor young woman and began working as an artist’s model. Her long love story with Man Ray made her eternally famous and led her to win the title of “Queen of Montparnasse.” She will “introduce” you to other famous characters that lived here.

An Informative and Fun Montparnasse walking tour that will make history come alive!

You can’t talk about Montparnasse without mentioning its brasseries and cabarets artists. Close to the Vavin crossroads, elegant cafés opened side by side: Le Dome and La Coupole. Le Select was the first address to stay open all night, and never got empty since. La Rotonde’s boss had a smart way to attract customers from all horizons. You will stop for a drink there and see for yourself!

And if you're keen on history and want to see more of this concept, please have at look a our Historical Adventure Tours!


Can this walking tour be privatized?

Of course, we would be more than happy to propose you a private version of this tour! Just contact us here to make this request.

If I don’t know anything about the 1920’s, will I be bored?

Our Welcomers are wonderful storytellers and even if you don’t know anything about this period, you will become a 20’s & Montparnasse connoisseur at the end of this walking tour!

I’m also passionate by Art Deco architecture, will I see some in that Montparnasse walking tour?

Montparnasse has a few testimonies of that period, but if you look for a tour that focuses on Art Deco, Don’t hesitate to contact us here and we will make this happen!

Will I have to wear a costume for this Montparnasse walking tour?

Absolutely not! You do no need any costume to travel back in the 20’s :=)

Price Details


Starting Point

Meeting Address: - 105 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris - In front of Café La Rotonde. Closest metro station: Vavin (line 4) / ENDING POINT: Boulevard du Montparnasse. Closest metro station: Vavin (line 4)
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    In December, I chose to do a detailed tour of Montparnasse with guide Sophie, to learn more about the place I lived and worked 30 years ago. It was a real pleasure to see the environments where so many artists and writers lived and worked and to put it all in context. I have read many books on the interwar years, but to experience the geography of the place and to hear so many personalised anecdotes, illustrated by character cards, and a great depth of specialised knowledge was truly illuminating. Not only did I see where they lived but learned something of why these major 20th Century figures chose Montparnasse as home, and it’s rise and fall as a world-renowned beacon of culture and liberty.
    It’s far from the most beautiful area of Paris, but if you want 2.5 hours of immersion into a rich cultural history then do this tour. They really do know their subject matter.

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    Sophie took us on a tour of Montparnasse while telling us the stories of the artists who lived and worked there. Her stories were very engaging and fascinating and we loved it!

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    We loved our tour of the Montparnasse district. Sophie was a great guide – knowledgeable, engaging, enthusiastic and informative. As we walked, Sophie explained the history of that area as well as specific artists who lived and died in that area. Very interesting!

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