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Street Art Tour in Paris – Belleville & Menilmontant (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!
  • A perfect tour for those who want to wander off the beaten track.
  • Out of all the types of art, Charlotte prefers street art. Her passion will be contagious.
  • Get equipped to fully appreciate a worldwide famous art movement.
  • Discover the 20th arrondissement- a typical Parisian neighborhood.
Your Welcomers
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Not Accessible

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A street art expert for 2 hours

Street art is a worldwide phenomenon and Paris has become one of the richest cities on the subject. Naturally, the central, very touristy districts practically lack it, but as soon as you make your way into periphery districts, it’s in full bloom.

Thanks to the Charlotte's distinguishing eye, you will learn to differentiate tag, sometimes rather ugly, from street art, which, on the contrary, illustrates real creativity and holds a message, most of the time of social relevance. Artists often begin with tags before developing a bigger ambition for more refined works. Some murals are breathtaking.

Nevertheless, street art is not a long-lasting achievement. Many works are illegal and thus destined for destruction. That’s what makes this walk so interesting… and so fleeting. Works are constantly changing. Some works we’re hoping to see may have already vanished. Others have just been designed by artists last night. Hence, each street art tour is unique and offers a very private experience.

In Details

After meeting with your Welcomer, on Oberkampf Street, you will discover works sponsored by a non-profit, called “Le M.U.R”, an acronym meaning “wall” in English, but also Modulable Urbain Réactif (scalable, urban, reactive). It is really the historical and iconic spot for street artists. Here, it’s all about legal street art. Le Mur Association supports artists and invites them to express themselves alternatively on walls. So, decoration changes very fast. But you’ve got still time to take pictures in this street art tour!

You may wonder why the works are usually located very high on the walls, whatever their size. Listen to your Welcomer, she’s got the answer. It’s obviously linked with the illegal status of most street art creations.

Sometimes, the paintings are not only high, but they’re also extremely huge, covering the whole blind side façade of a building. This is the case on Place Fréhel where two frescoes face each other. One is from famous French artist Ben Vautier (or Ben), and looks like a school chalkboard, on which are written – in French ‑ the words: “It is necessary to be wary of words”… Funny adaptation!

(Please, trust me a little bit more and read me to the end!)

You will walk down Rue Denoyez, a must-go for every artist living in or visiting Paris, as this lane is entirely dedicated to street art. Walls are covered by colors, patterns, some overlapping others. The graffiti artists can work at any time and maybe will even while you are there. Fingers crossed! Unfortunately, this set is threatened by a renovation project.

We will also check out Paris’s beautiful view from the Belleville Park, where local artists have done murals for the community. This is an opportunity to realize that street art is not only made of paint, but may also use mosaics in a very creative way.

During the last part of the street art tour, your Welcomer may lead to you to her favorite street art piece in this area of Paris. Located on Rue des Maronites, it’s a long mural, using mainly bluish shades. Several artists worked there in 2014 to illustrate a common theme about Dreams. For now, the mural survives, but always keep in mind that street art could disappear as quickly as it surges, so make the most of your Welcomer’s tour!

Price Details

  • 270€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: - 105 rue d'Oberkampf by the Place Verte Café. Closest metro station: Parmentier (line 3), or Ménilmonant (line 2)

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