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Palace of Versailles & Giverny Family Tour by Van (private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!
  • Make your children explore two unmissable French cultural sites.
  • Benefit from our skip-the-line tickets at Versailles and Giverny
  • Relive the Sun King’s courtiers’ life in the famous Hall of Mirrors.
  • Feel like walking in an Impressionist canvas while visiting Monet’s garden
In a nutshell

9 Hours



Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   A 9-hour luxury A/C van with chauffeur / A private guide for 9 hours / Skip-the-line tickets to the Palace of Versailles and Monet Foundation / an activity booklet for each child at both sites
Milestones:  Versailles Palace / Giverny

The aim of this tour is the simplest ever: Spend a full day of fun at the countryside, in Versailles and Giverny, two of the most beautiful locations near Paris. Your children will take a big breath of fresh air and also learn a bunch of anecdotes on both uncommon men: King Louis XIV –  they will discover the incredible palace in Versailles, and the painter Claude Monet, in the gardens of whom they will walk as in a real impressionist painting.

Treated like princes, kids and adults will take advantage of a private car service and comfort and will never queue to enter sites, thanks to our skip-the-lines tickets to Versailles Palace and Giverny gardens.

Chauffeur and guide will pick you up in Paris at the place of your choice. The Palace of Versailles will be in sight after 1-hour of driving. On the way, your guide will introduce you to Versailles history and will give your children a personal activity booklet, that will turn their historical visit into a playful scavenger hunt.

A Versailles & Giverny Family Tour including skip the line tickets

No queue before entering Louis XIV’s Great Apartments thanks to our skip-the-line tickets. Once inside, we bet that your family’s first reaction will be a big “wooow”… The decoration is simply… royal, with its gilts, marbles and colorful paintings. Looking up at the ceilings, your children will discover a wonderful mythological world, among which they’ll be challenged to find the Greek or Roman gods they already know about.

They will also discover how Kings of France truly looked like, thanks to official portraits. Funny anecdotes will be provided, like the one about a king, granted with so many daughters that he found easier to give them a number (from 1 to 8) than to mention their names!

In the famous Hall of Mirrors, your children may attempt to count how numerous the mirror panels are and will just try to guess it. Then, they’ll enter the King bedchamber. From the gorgeous atmosphere, they will clearly understand that the French sovereigns were not so much the kind of modest people!

Time to go back to your vehicle while stretching out your legs through Versailles gardens. An even more beautiful garden awaits you in Giverny, after another 1-hour driving and a lunch break on the way.

Here you are in Normandy! Claude Monet's impressionist garden is such a charming place. It lays down the painter’s pink and green countryside house. Along the flowerbeds and the water lily pond, your children will enjoy the scenery that inspired Monet and figure out how he arranged his garden as his pallet, displaying flowers beds as color boxes. Monet did not only paint Nature, he painted with Nature. Such a talent is worth a visit!

A coloring exercise book will accompany your children's exploration in Monet's gardens. They will be engaged to look at the scenery around with the eyes of a painter. A short stroll through Giverny will lead you back to your car. Approximately a 2-hour driving is ahead. The perfect timing to ask your guide few last questions or just to sit back and relax after a whole day of memorable experiences.

And if you just want to do a Versailles Tour, have a look at our Palace of Versailles Kids tour.


Will I find some good restaurants for lunch during this Versailles & Giverny Family tour?

There are some excellent restaurants both on the road to Giverny and in Giverny village itself. We may recommend a few addresses which have a good reputation and you may choose the one you like the most. The cost of lunch is not included in the tour price.

Can I choose where to go first: Versailles or Giverny?

We design the tour with Versailles in the morning and Giverny in the afternoon, because the Palace of Versailles is usually less crowded early in the day. If you’d prefer to go to Giverny first, please let us know and we may change the itinerary.

What plants and flowers will I see in Giverny?

Each season is charming in Monet’s Giverny gardens. Spring is the time of the blooming of hyacinths, narcissus, daffodils, tulips and apple trees. Late May is perfect for poppies and the famous paths of irises. From April to June the Japanese bridge is covered with gorgeous wisterias. June is the month of roses and the first white, pink and yellow water lily buttons on the Japanese pond. In early fall, dahlias and gladiolas can be seen as well as the orange and yellow tinted foliage around the pond.

What if my family includes more than 4 members?

No problem! Click here to give us a few details on your party’s size and we will send you a quote to do this Versailles & Giverny Family tour.

Price Details

  • 1590€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: - At your convenience, from end of March to 1st November included.

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