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Between countryside

and urban lives, those two completely different worlds make up the personality of Bertrand. A native of Auvergne, in the center of France, he grew up with volcanoes and endless green pastures as landscape. He moved to Paris to study geography, history, and languages where he discovered his new playground! A bucolic atmosphere or a Parisian busy street, Bertrand will always see the beauty in the simplest things in life.

He loves to take

his visitors back in time during the French Revolution or the World War I & II. You will go from laughter to tears, but still feel the joy of these memorable periods of History! Doesn't matter your age nor your knowledge about the subject, no risk to get bored! Bertrand is an amazing story-teller.

He will show

you the authenticity of the city, the one that tourists don’t usually see. All the streets, alleys and corners of Paris are his favorite playground. Forget about Wikipedia if you have a question, just ask Bertrand. Paris has no secret for him!

My Best location in Paris ?

Arena of Lutèce

My péché Mignon ?

duck cooked with peaches and paired with a white Chateauneuf du Pape

My Favorite Quote ?

“We must strive to be young like a Beaujolais and age like a Burgundy” Robert Sabatier

My Super Power ?

I don’t need a GPS

Bertrand's activities
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    Best of Paris by Luxury Car - Half Day (private)

    With Bertrand
    My party consists of more than 2 people. Can I still do this Paris Luxury Car tour? Of course! We ...

    4h €620 2 MAX.
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    yes please !