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Bustronome is an

original foodie experience that will take you in a journey through Parisian food and landmarks! Sit in this comfortable high-end coach to admire the best that Paris has to offer. Lunch or dinner, you will savor tasty food (with a glass of wine or champagne!) while visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

Unique menus with

fresh and seasonal products will be served. The chefs always intend to cook the most creative and innovative dishes deeply inspired by French classics. If you are a Vegetarian, you won’t be left out as Bustronome offers vegetarian options cooked with love. It will be a pleasure for the eyes and your taste buds!

Pick dinner time to

admire the landmarks at night and marvel at illuminated Paris. You will see the Champs-Elysees, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame cathedral and much more! Sit and relax, let the mouth-watering journey aboard the Bustronome begin.
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Bustronome's activities
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    Bustronome Tour - Gourmet Dinner Experience (Private)

    With Sebastien
    Can we book the bustronome for more than 2 people? Absolutely! If you want to book it for more than...

    2h €260 2 MAX.
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    yes please !