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Tintin & Jules Verne,

Mark Twain and Jack London were Christelle’s heroes when she was a child. The adventurous life and the hero career pushed her to follow the same path and to regularly change horizons. That’s why Christelle moved from her home region, in Eastern France, to Paris; and traveled from Paris to the USA, Colombia, Australia or Thailand, during her vacations.

Discovering the world

and exploring Paris are rivals in Christelle’s heart. The city can easily satisfy her appetite for curiosity and discoveries. Wandering through different neighborhoods, unearthing some secrets and forbidden places, hanging around with friends or visiting exhibitions and museums. Paris keeps her entertained with no routine.

Street Art

Is Christelle’s new passion. She loves to seek new works of artists in the city and in its outskirts. But she’s also at her ease while speaking about medieval monuments. Life of 19th century courtesans or contemporary street painters and graffities, versatility is key when you are a Paris’ guide!
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My Best location in Paris ?

Canal de l’Ourcq in the 19th district

My péché Mignon ?

A glass of Gewurztraminer and dark chocolate.

My Favorite Quote ?

"It's sweet at any age to be guided by whim" - Marcel Proust

My Super Power ?

I'm a street artworks' radar. None escapes my eye.

Christelle's activities
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    Notre Dame & Christmas Market Walking Tour

    With Christelle
    Is it Notre Dame & Christmas market tour a visit focused on religion? As the tour includes a v...

    2h €80 8 MAX.
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    yes please !
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    Heroes of the French Revolution - Historical Adventure Tour

    With Christelle
    Is there a lot of walking involved in that French Revolution tour? The tour involves 3 kilometers ...

    3h €69 8 MAX.
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    yes please !
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    VIP Eiffel Tower Experience & Paris River Cruise (Private)

    With Christelle
    I have one small kid and one teenager in my group, is this tour adapted to them? Yes! The tour will...

    5h €1000 4 MAX.
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    yes please !