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Born in Greece

into a family of archaeologists, Daphné is named after Greek’ Nymph. The kind of details that planes your life path, doesn’t it?

Loving art

and archeology, nevertheless, Daphné became an opera singer! She spent 20 years working as a soprano all over the world. This only heightened her unfulfilled passion for history and monuments, so she decided to train to be a guide.

A new playground

was chosen: Paris! Here, new discoveries pop up every day on your way, if you’re curious like Daphné.  A hidden portion of the medieval city wall, a quiet overgrown garden behind a massive old door, a lovely architectural detail, those are the reasons why Paris is like an advent-calendar for Daphné! You never know what treasure you're going to discover when putting your foot in the crack whenever you see a gate opening.

Going back in time

is Daphné’s eternal wish. She would cross the Seine on the now-disappeared bridges, take a peek at the inaugural evening of the Garnier Opera House in 1874 and have coffee on a table next to Hemingways at La Coupole to eavesdrop on his conversation with Fitzgerald.
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My Best location in Paris ?

The "hidden" little garden inside the Petit Palais Museum.

My péché Mignon ?

A "Praluline", a delicious brioche filled with caramelized almonds and hazelnuts from Pralus pastry shop... Once you taste it, you never forget!

My Favorite Quote ?

"Glory to the French ! They worked for the two fundamental needs of humanity: good food and civil rights" - Heinrich Heine

My Super Power ?

I can make you sing the Phantom’s song while visiting the Opera… but cannot guarantee applause.