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David grew up

in Paris. After studying Human arts and sciences, he became a primary school teacher which brought him to stay in England. Fascinated by India, he studied its history and spent several months in Calcutta. In other words, Journey is essential in David’s life. Every year, he goes off to explore a new country, focusing on Asia and Central America. But David is above all a photographer in the soul.

Since the age of 12,

he has been practicing photo as an amateur. In 2012, he became professional and opened his own studio. Situated in the heart of Paris, in the Montorgueil district, it allows him to develop many more techniques than single digital technology. An adventurer of the image, he brings former processes back to life. Well, the Polaroid is not that old, but currently a little forgotten. A pity, because the authenticity of the portraits made using this method is magic.

He especially likes

is to capture faces. Yes, yes, this elusive expression that is unique to you, don’t resist, he knows how to immortalize it.

My Best location in Paris ?

Les Batignolles

My péché Mignon ?

Some cheese with an aged burgundy.

My Favorite Quote ?

"What photos endlessly reproduce takes place only once" – Roland Barthes.

My Super Power ?

I master a photographic process dating back to 1839.

David's activities
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    1h Eiffel Tower Photoshoot (Private)

    With David
    When will I receive my photos? Your pictures will be professionally edited by your photographer and...

    1h €250 4 MAX.
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    yes please !