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Edith is

fascinated by Paris and especially by Parisian women whom she admires, magnificently capturing their elegance and style. By the way, she has the same first name as one of the best-known Parisians abroad, Edith Piaf. She likes pointing out, however, sharing a name doesn’t mean being alike.

For years

Edith took groups on walking tours through the city to give them a taste of Paris’ finest or worst – hours. If in Montparnasse you come across a young woman wearing a Roaring Twenties style hat, surrounded by attentive listeners, that's her!!

She is also

a lawyer - believe it or not -  with a degree in civil law from the Sorbonne. In other words, with her a themed walk on criminal Paris is like no other. When asked the formula for perfect murder, she answers seriously (but with a smile) that it does not exist. Linguistics, romance and Burgundy wines are, among others, some of Edith’s passions. Whatever your own likes, you’ll have something in common.
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My Best location in Paris ?

The Palais-Royal

My péché Mignon ?

Wines from Burgundy

My Favorite Quote ?

"God invented Parisians so that foreigners would never understand the French people" (Alexandre Dumas)

My Super Power ?

Criminal cases hold no more secrets for her

Edith's activities
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    Stars of Montparnasse in the Roaring Twenties - Historical Adventure Tour

    With Edith
    Can this walking tour be privatized? Of course, we would be more than happy to propose you a priva...

    150h €69 6 MAX.
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    yes please !