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Emilie adores

stories. So, quite logical she completed lengthy studies in literature and became an editor, working specifically on travel guides. This is her way of exploring the world by proxy and, although sedentary, retaining a certain sense of adventure and curiosity.

Since the age of 8

she has never really stopped acting. Why? Because she grew up in the Anjou region, famous for having a theater company in every village. In Paris, she has found another amateur troop and they put on one or two shows a year.

Paris is

a permanent playground and world of discoveries for her. She strolls a lot in this beautiful city, because she has always preferred walking to taking the métro. And what's more, she lives here. For her, the streets of Paris are a stage inhabited by characters’ worthy of a novel. She's outgoing and really funny and has a blast doing Swedish Gym, a highly Parisian sport if ever there was one! She shall take you there… Just ask!
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My Best location in Paris ?

Louvre's Cour Carrée, for its calm and majesty

My péché Mignon ?

An ice-cream and a Spritz (sparkling Italian aperitif cocktail) at a café terrace

My Favorite Quote ?

"Adventure lies just around the corner" - Grandma Edith

My Super Power ?

I'm an expert to concoct natural home remedies

Emilie's activities
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    Gourmet Food Tour in Saint Germain des Prés

    With Emilie
    Is that walking food tour recommendable for a vegetarian like me? This tour offers mainly tastings ...

    3h €119 6 MAX.
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    yes please !