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The Loire Valley

is the place where Gabriel got his first taste for History. He used to be a cultural event manager in one of the beautiful Loire chateaux. The atmosphere of this region is full of France King's memories; you might meet a historical character around a corner.

Historian and photographer,

are the best words to describe Gabriel. In his photography studio, he can insert the photo of your face on any historical characters' painting. You are one click away to become part of French history! No special outfit needed, Gabriel is a magician!

A foodie expert

from chocolates to sweets, then from cheese to delicatessen meat ... follow Gabriel to discover his favourite French artisans! You will eat your way up around Paris’ neighbourhood. And who knows, maybe Gabriel will tell you his secret to stay fit with all those goodies...
  • ART
  • FOOD
  • KIDS

My Best location in Paris ?

Gustave Moreau Museum

My péché Mignon ?

A chocolate from Foucher

My Favorite Quote ?

"If there is no more bread… Bring me some brioche!" - my ancestor Marie-Gabrielle, a very good friend of Marie-Antoinette.

My Super Power ?

Make you part of French History