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Geneviève likes

everything to do with Art, Cinema, Books, Painting, Photography or Gastronomy. Although born to British parents, all of this sounds quite French, doesn’t it? She explored all those passions at one moment or another of her career. She wrote a book about Industrial Design, has been an author and a guitarist in a rock group. As an actress, she created in 2008 a theater play about a freak show, in which she interprets Miss Gabrielle. Wow, how interesting! Gabrielle is also Coco Chanel's real first name; you know that fashion designer who became famous during the Roaring twenties… the exact period Geneviève is crazy about!

She’s always

in search of accessories, garments or items which remind her of this exalting decade. Secondhand trade, flea markets, textiles stores: every source is explored to enlarge her vintage collection. Last – but not least – feather in her cap, Geneviève is a professional photograph.

To join

this passion with her nostalgia for Retro Paris, she takes pictures of people in the style of the 1920s. Nevertheless, she has never lost herself in the past; if it was the case, somebody would drag her back here and now: her wonderful 12-year-old little boy.

My Best location in Paris ?

The Louvre

My péché Mignon ?

A square of chocolate and a glass of red wine

My Favorite Quote ?

"In your life, don’t be worry; myself, I’m not too worried; one’s troubles will pass by." – Maurice Chevalier.

My Super Power ?

She's got the keys to the Time machine.