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President …

or story-teller? That was Jean-Manuel's childhood dilemma! Born and raised in Paris, he was 17 when he was accepted in the Institute of Political Sciences – famous for producing France’s Presidents - but he soon realized National Budget Accounting 101 makes for less riveting reading than Flaubert. So, he fled as fast as he could. Thirteen years of extensive worldwide travel followed. 1990, he's back in Paris, unfortunately not as President of France.

Time to consider

story-telling! He then became an official guide, that is, licensed to tell tourists (true) stories. Over a decade of traveling has taught Jean-Manuel how important it is to feel welcome. To use a charming American turn of phrase, now he wants to “give back to the community” - of travelers! His parents always answered any question he asked: this taught him that the ultimate beauty of knowledge is to share it.

Among the pleasures

he can confess, eating pastries and creating unforgettable moments for others are on top of his list.
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My Best location in Paris ?

You mean some people have only one?

My péché Mignon ?

Saint-Honoré cake from Carette. Is it divine or simply tremendously delicious?

My Favorite Quote ?

"A chocolate éclair a day keeps the doctor away!" - Jean-Manuel himself

My Super Power ?

I know a great many of the secret places that played a role during Resistance.

Jean-Manuel's activities
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    Luxury Giverny & Monet Garden Tour (Private)

    With Jean-Manuel
    What if we are more than 4 people? Just advise us in your request form about the number of people ...

    6h €1150 4 MAX.
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