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Parisienne by every inch

Julie was born in the 16th district of Paris and lived in the 18th. She studied a lot of different things (Political sciences, international trade…) before finding her vocation – a tour guide! She does it for herself and to please her visitors. She likes strolling, observing around, getting lost… Who doesn’t right?! Being surprised is one of her favorite emotion!

As a globe trotter

she lived in Morocco, India, Italy, and Ireland. She’s convinced that a successful stay goes with beautiful meetings with enthusiastic, generous, and dynamic locals.

Live life

Julie does that through adventures, sports and smile! She is always excited to share her knowledge and her good plans with people visiting her city. She loves to go out of the beaten tracks and stroll in districts that are not usually visited by tourists. Visiting Paris with Julie is always full of fantasy, laugh and generosity!
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My Best location in Paris ?

I will tell you when we meet.

My péché Mignon ?

Brie with truffle

My Favorite Quote ?

"I believe I can fly" - R. Kelly

My Super Power ?

I can fly.