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After studying

architecture at the Boulle Art School and an MA in Art History at Paris X University, Mathieu’s was tempted by the bohemian life of a successful artist. Then he realized it was equally exciting (and a tad easier) to talk about other artists’ careers.

He is often

to be seen in Montmartre on the trail of his famous predecessors, painters and poets, with whom he feels a strong spiritual connection. Specialized in the 19th century, he likes to discuss the everyday life and thinking of those Parisians of yester-year whose artistic tastes and political choices pretty much shaped the Paris we know.

We are lucky

Mathieu is still here following erroneously translated guide information, he climbed the Gunung Merapi volcano, Indonesia, on the eve of its 2010 eruption! What a reminder of the humility owed to Mother Nature – and the importance of learning foreign languages! Safely back home, he resumed work as a guide, between the exploration of the Parisian urban jungle and climbing the hill of Montmartre.
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My Best location in Paris ?

Square Roland Dorgelès in Montmartre, just in front of the Lapin Agile cabaret. I have been meeting with my friends there after work for ten years

My péché Mignon ?

A croissant with ham, and lots of butter

My Favorite Quote ?

"To be able to criticize people, you have to know them, and to know them, you have to love them." - Coluche, French actor

My Super Power ?

I can escape erupting volcanoes