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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Family Friendly Tours

Spending time with your children is an obvious purpose of your holidays. Traveling with them remains one of the best manners to foster family binding and live together exceptional moments. Whatever is the age of your children, our family friendly tours may suit them. To accompany the discoveries of your youngest kids, we created visit booklets in the most unescapable Parisian sites: The Louvre, the Orsay Museum, the Opera House, the Latin Quarter and of course the Palace of Versailles. We know that remaining quiet is beyond kids’ possibility. If yours don’t like to stay put during lunches at restaurant, then take their word and let a Welcomer lead you to a standing meal.

Our tours will keep your kids active, feast them with chosen products. They’ll even have right to eat with fingers. They’ll love that part!

To get and keep your teenagers’ interest, our Welcomers will know how to adapt the speech and give your visits a friendly interactivity. After a cultural stroll, why not suggesting to your toddlers, small or tall, to enjoy delicacies from the best Paris pastry chefs or renown chocolate makers. Our “very sweet trips” are tailored to rejoice the whole family, young and old alike!