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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Experience a New Concept of Walking & History Tours in Paris & Versailles!

Meet the Locals have created a fun new way to experience the history of Paris. Our “Meet the Locals from the Past” visits are special history tours during which you will see history through the eyes of a fascinating figure from the city’s past.At the start of the tour you will choose a character card at random from a deck of eight. (Tours are limited to eight people, to keep things intimate.) Your character might be a painter, a soldier, a countess or a courtier. The character card will give you a wealth of interesting facts about your character: when they lived, where they were from, or what they looked like.

Then, follow the tour to walk in the shoes of your historical character. But don’t worry, we won’t ask you to put on a costume! Just listen to your Welcomer to see where your character lived, ate, slept — or in some cases, lost their head! By the end, you’ll know whether your character became one of the heroes of French history, one of its villains, or somewhere in between!

Our history tours bring a fun new way to experience Paris!

Here are just a few of the topics you can experience with Meet the Locals from the Past: Marie Antoinette and the Château de Versailles; the Storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution; the Roaring Twenties and the Montparnasse artists that inspired Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast; the medieval world of Notre Dame and the Marais; Montmartre painters from Picasso to Toulouse-Lautrec…The small size of our historical tours lets our Welcomers take you to the most interesting — and least-crowded — spots in Paris. So try one of our Meet the Locals from the Past walking history tours to travel back in time through Paris history!