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Christmas in Paris Tours

Make the most of the magical Christmas season in Paris with our awesome tours

Christmas is a period of the year when many cities around the world cover themselves in illuminations. In Paris, already the City of Lights year-round, this period is completely magical. At Meet the Locals, we offer you several Christmas in Paris tours to take advantage of all aspects of France’s facets at the turn of the year.

Walking the most beautifully decorated avenues of the city and to discovering how Paris’s main department stores are part of the party is a real privilege. And you can’t miss the famous Christmas markets! Why not combine the two in our Christmas Market and Illuminations Walking Tour for a perfect pairing?

Would you prefer the intimacy of the Parisian covered passages? Good choice! At Christmas, their beauty is brightly enhanced by colorful garlands. Take a look at our Magical Family Treasure Hunt to uncover their secrets.

Are you a gourmand? A Christmas activity in France is a perfect opportunity to indulge your palate. Our Christmas food tours includes the main specialties French people love to serve around the holidays. If you would like to know more about our festive food traditions, book one of our Food Tours- we can merrily adapt these tours during the holiday season to taste jolly specialties.

From small groups to private excursions, our Christmas tours in Paris will suit everyone!

And if you are looking for a memorable experience, one you and your kids will remember for a very long time, our Magical Christmas Ride by Tuk-Tuk in Paris would be the perfect choice! Led by a Christmas Fairy, this activity is a great blend of riddles, Christmas decorations, and treats, while enjoying a funky tuk-tuk ride all along the way. Naturally, all our other activities are available on Christmas. So, come and join a city that decorates itself in holiday spirit once a year just for you!