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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Photo Tours

What would be your holidays without the pictures you may review once at home? Experiences that would eventually disappear. Against this potential oblivion, you have your cameras… We also have ours, at your service in those Photo tours.

Our photographers will build the souvenir album of your Parisian stay. They will use their know-how to get you in front of the sets of eternal Paris or to make you discover more remote cityscapes, to be immortalized in.

No need to twist your head or your arm in usually failed selfies! You will receive your holidays album in digital format, ready to be shared, once back home, with those that you love. You may also like to follow one of our great photo-classes to capture the beauty of Paris at dawn or in the twilight. The most adventurous won’t hesitate to leave for an all-nighter by scooter to seize the faces of the sleepy city.