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General Information

Why book with Meet the Locals?

Meet the Locals is a French Online Activity Specialist that curates tours and activities with passionate Parisian insiders (our Welcomers) to allow you to live authentic experiences. They will make you feel as a Local and you will avoid all the tourists traps! We are far from being a platform that just puts guides/locals in contact with travelers, and takes a commission on the way. We are a fully service orientated company that creates unique activities to guarantee an immersive cultural exchange. On top of this, you also benefit from the precious advice of our Travel experts to build a personalized program.

Who are the Welcomers?

  • They are genuine passionate Locals who love to share their knowledge and tips. They have been carefully recruited for their expertise, their outstanding personality, their friendliness and of course their love for their city!
  • They are all experts in their field: Art historians, historians, certified guides, comedians, chefs, photographers, personal shoppers… We have scrupulously verified their reliability over an extensive interview process, including evaluation through a series of simulation activities.
  • In addition, we’ve put into place a quality control system that allows all our customers to evaluate their Welcomers. At the end of all our tours (except the 1 hour tours/activities), you will enjoy a chat around a complimentary drink. This will be the time to exercise your French by saying: À LA VÔTRE! (a la vot rah!).

How can I privatize an activity?

Do you prefer to be by yourself rather than joining a small group of fellow travelers? Lucky you, all our activities can be privatized! You just need to click on the button “I prefer to do it in private”, then indicate your preferred dates and schedule. We will do our very best to fulfill your expectations. If the Welcomer you chose is available, you will be able to book directly. If by any chance, she/he is not available, we will search among our amazing team to allow you to do this activity privately. We will reply within 24h.

Are your tours family friendly?

Completely! In addition to our family friendly category specially created for this, we have a wide range of tours adapted and tagged for kids.

How can I contact you?

Do not hesitate to contact us! We're here to help 7/7. Our Paris Experts will be more than happy to answer any of your queries, advise you on creating a personalized program or share their best tips. You can contact us:

Do you have cookies on your site?

Indeed, we use cookies to improve your user experience, but this is the only reason! It all remains confidential and we don't have access to your personal information.

Does Meet the Locals have a Certification Number?

Yes, MEET THE LOCALS is ATOUT FRANCE (French Government Tourist Office) accredited Tour Operating Company. Our certification number is IM095170004.

Your Account

How do I reset my pasword?

You lost your password, shame on you! But don’t worry, this happens to us all and we have an easy solution. Just click on “I forgot my password” and you will receive an email inviting you to reset your password. You can also access this here: Then simply enter the email address you used for your account and you’ll receive an email inviting you to create a new password. Easy, isn’t it? This does not mean that you have to forget it again!

How do I change my information details?

You can easily change the address, email address or phone number you used to set up your account by going to your Account and clicking on “My Information” and “Edit”. Here you can make any adjustments needed in the various fields. After you make the change, remember to click the ‘save’ button.

Your Agenda

Why should I use my smart agenda?

In order to make your life easier, we have thought long and hard to create a hassle-free online tailor-made program. You will find it on the orange sidebar, called MY SMART AGENDA (smart name, isn’t it!). On mobile devices, you will find it on top of the page.

How does it work?

  • Before all, you have to choose your travel dates in Paris and the number of people coming with you. After doing this you’ll see all the activities that suit you!
  • By clicking on the button ADD TO MY AGENDA in activity page, you will place the selected tour in your agenda. Then you will be able to add or take out activities until you have created your ideal trip…

Are my activities confirmed when I add them to my agenda?

Be careful, the activities put in your agenda will be only confirmed after clicking on the button BOOK NOW and get through the payment process.

Will I lose my smart agenda when I return to the website?

Even if you leave the website without saving your agenda, our system will remember you and what you added in it. Nevertheless, we recommend you to save it before leaving the website, so as to keep all these precious information in your account.

Your Bookings

How can I change my booking?

If you want to change the time or the date of your booking, please contact us as We will do our very best to satisfy you. No penalty or change fee will be charged if this is a postponement. But if this turns into a cancellation, please read our “WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY?”

How do I cancel my booking?

How sad it is! You can cancel your booking until 72h before the time of departure without any penalty (except for our Versailles Tours on which we need to retain a 10% cancellation fee to cover the reservation cost of tickets). Should you cancel it between 72h and 24h, we will refund you 50%. If this cancellation arises within 24h before the departure, no refund will be given.

How do I get my booking confirmed?

Once your bank authorizes your payment, you will receive an automatic confirmation on your email address with all the information concerning your purchase, including:
  • Your reservation status and your booking number.
  • Your program with a full description of the activities you’ve booked.
  • The confirmation of date, time, number of travelers, meeting point and the details of your Welcomer.

If my activity is on request how long before I receive a confirmation?

For any activity on request, you will receive an answer within 24h. We will ask for your credit card details as a guarantee during the searching process, but you will not be debited until you firmly confirm the booking.

What happens if I'm late or don't show?

In order for your activity to start at the correct time, we ask you to arrive 5-10 minutes early when possible. If you are going to be late, kindly call us on +33 1 86 95 81 02. We will inform your Welcomer to do his/her best to slightly postpone the departure (up to 15 minutes) without penalizing the rest of the group if you have booked a group activity. If this is on a private basis, your Welcomer will wait for you for up to 30 minutes, but will then have to shorten the activity. In case you finally cannot make it and miss the departure, no refund will be given.

How can I add some additionnal activities when I am in Paris?

You can go back to your ACCOUNT and reinitiate your confirmed AGENDA to add the activities you want. You can also ask your Welcomer to make the booking for you (this will be added to your confirmed AGENDA) or call us at 01 86 95 81 02 and we will make it for you.

What sort of transportation is included during the tour?

Sometimes we use transportation when needed (Paris is a big city!). In each activity page you will find a "What's included" section indicating the transportation tickets included for your activity.

How many people will be on the activity?

All of our activities are limited to a maximum of 8 participants in order to preserve conviviality and quality. Some of our activities – such are museum visits ‑ are even done in smaller sized groups.

What happens regarding bad weather conditions?

Our activities take place even if the weather has decided to turn into rain or snow. Your Welcomer will do her/his best to adapt the itinerary to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

What happens if Meet the Locals is forced to cancel an activity?

If an activity is cancelled for any reason that falls under our responsibility (a Welcomer’s absence, sickness, reservation mistakes…), we will of course try to find the best alternative as we want the best for you! If our proposal is not agreeable to you, we will refund you within 10 business days. In the event that circumstances outside of our control force us to cancel a tour (unexpected closings, cases of force majeure…), we will unfortunately be unable to refund you. Though your Welcomer will do his/her best to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.


Can I pay in any currency?

Our prices are indicated in Euro and US dollars (based on the daily conversion rate) to give you an indication but you will be charged in Euro.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment with all international credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) as well as Paypal!

Is my online payment secure?

Completely! Your bank information is encrypted thanks to our advanced SSL protocol. It will never remain on our site, since all payments go through our payment system provider (Crédit Agricole). This ensures more security for you with a PSI DSS certification as well as an efficient encrypting system. The green padlock next to the website’s URL during your payment guarantees the security of the transaction.
Crédit Agricole is the largest retail banking group in France, and the third largest bank in the world. By accepting Crédit Agricole's online banking as a payment method, merchants can offer a secure checkout payment method. Online shoppers that use the online banking service of Crédit Agricole are redirected to their trusted home banking website to complete the payment online. These online bank transfers are normally settled within 1-2 business days and will not be eligible for chargeback.

What is your cancellation policy?

So sorry not to have you with us! Should you need to, you can cancel your booking until 72h before the time of departure without any penalty (except for our Versailles Tours on which we need to retain a 10% cancellation fee to cover the reservation cost of tickets). Should you cancel it between 72h and 24h, we will refund you 50%. If this cancellation arises within 24h before the departure, no refund will be given.

How do I get a refund

We will refund you within 10 business days on the credit card you have used to pay.

Insurance Policy

Am I insured for my activities?

No one likes unpleasant surprises: all our services are fully insured. For this reason, Meet the Locals has contracted an insurance with ASSURANCE GENERALY to protect you from civil liability.
The Generali Group, the third biggest largest European insurer, operates in 69 countries on all continents. Its business includes insurance and it also provides assistance through its subsidiary Europ Assistance.

Wheelchair Friendly

Are your tours wheelchair friendly?

Most our activities are convenient for disabled people that require a wheel chair. You will find this information in the Nutshell section of all our activities marked as “Wheelchair Friendly!” or “Wheelchairs not accessible”.
MUSEUMS & MONUMENTS Nearly all the museums and monuments have dedicated access and some even provide specific wheel chairs for free that are more suitable for visiting.
WALKING TOURS Our walking tours are mainly accessible to guests using a wheel chair. However, in a few of Paris’ historical centers, there are paved streets and the ground could be uneven. Moreover, given districts are spread over hills with steep slopes (Montmartre or Belleville).
SHOPPING & FOOD TOURS This is very frustrating for us but we must avow that shops are not really wheel chair friendly. Nevertheless, we can fully manage that you do participate and experience our mouthwatering food tours. In the case you cannot get inside the shop, your Welcomer will join you outside to enjoy all the tastings.
PHOTO TOURS Our photo tours (except “Paris Street Style Private photographer tour) are all accessible to guests with restricted mobility.
IN PRIVATE We can adapt all our activities to your specific needs to provide you with the best Parisian experience. You may also benefit from car transfers in wheelchair adapted vehicles. We will be very pleased to provide you with an estimate on request.
SPECIAL NEEDS Paris is a wonderful city and we want you to fully enjoy it, even if you have health problems or walking difficulties. We will be delighted to help you. Just click here (LIEN fiche contact) and let us know what you need.


How can I post a review?

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write a review! Even a few words will be appreciated as your opinion is very important to us. It allows us to continuously improve our services. Once you finished an activity, you can just log on to your account and post your review in the review section.

Why do I not see my review?

The publishing process can take a few hours as we monitor them for safety reasons.

Who can post a review?

Only the persons that have participated to our activities can post a review. This guarantees the total transparency and honesty of these comments.

More Questions?

You didn't find the answer you were looking for?

We’re sorry to hear that! We'd love to answer any other questions you may have; feel free to write to us at or call us at on +33 1 86 95 81 02. Or look at the chat, one of our travel adviser may be there.