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Paris Old Time 1920s Photoshoot (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!

  • Because you’re a huge fan of 1920s period in Paris looking for a memorable photoshoot!
  • You’ll feel like the star of an old movie with our antique costumes and accessories.
  • Geneviève, who lives and breathes this period of History, will show how to pose like a character from the Roaring Twenties!
  • You’ll receive 20 professionally retouched photos for a unique souvenir of your trip to Paris!
Your Welcomers
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Wheelchair Friendly

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   20 edited photos of you within 48 hours / 1 instant print framed just at the end of the photoshoot / Authentic period garments and accessories at your disposal

Have you ever dreamed of living a century ago, when Paris was reborn after four terrible war years? You are fascinated by top hats and tails, and the “knitting legs” of Charleston performers? You want to feel like a star by giving a languishing look over the edge of a fur stole while smoke escapes from your endless cigarette holder? Then this Paris 1920s photoshoot is made for you.

It’s even more than a photography session for Geneviève proposes a unique experience to share her passion for the 1920s. Thanks to her collection of Art deco clothes and accessories, you will be transformed into the Roaring twenties’ characters before posing for her objective.

At the end of session, by looking at Geneviève’s work on paper as well as in its digital version, you will truly feel 100 years younger!

In Details

No need to know everything about the Roaring Twenties to appreciate this Paris 1920s photoshoot. No obligation to have previously read about Josephine Baker, Mistinguett, Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso or Tamara de Lempicka. Maybe you’ve just seen Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris to feel like immersing yourself in the atmosphere of that time.

Geneviève soaked up the basics of it years ago. Your professional photographer lives and breathes this period in History and owns a beautiful collection of stamped 1920’s clothes and accessories. She sources them at vintage outlets and markets across France. During your time with her, she will propose the proper clothing, tails or glitter dress, top hats or pearl necklaces.

Her goal, to make you feel yourself albeit whilst wearing an unusual velvet smoking jacket, a cravat or a feathered headpiece. Geneviève will advise you with timeless styling tips that you can incorporate into today’s wardrobe. You will feel even more in the skin of Kiki de Montparnasse or fashion designer Paul Poiret by holding authentic newspapers or magazines of that time. Browsing them will give you the finishing details strengthening your time travel impression.

When ready, Geneviève will coach you on how to pose for the perfect picture. In the vintage atmosphere of her studio turned in a “1920s boudoir“, your portrait will look inspired by the greatest stars of the Roaring twenties. Whether you are single, a couple, with your family or friends, you will adore this entirely unique way to discover Paris’ spirit. Thanks to Geneviève’s talent, you’ll leave with chic timeless elegant photos that capture your special time in Paris.

Who has not ever wanted a first-hand glimpse into the lifestyle from Paris’ golden age?

At the end of your Paris 1920s photoshoot, you will get at your finger tips a vintage polaroid of your 2 hour Time travel ; and within 48 hours, a web link to download your slightly retouched pictures, 20 among the best taken that day!


NB: For hygiene reasons, you’re kindly requested to bring your own hairbrush (even a small one) and your own travel make-up accessories.

Price Details

  • 1 People

    €180 PER PERSON

  • 2 People

    €140 PER PERSON

  • 3 People

    €117 PER PERSON

  • 4 People

    €113 PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: 9B Rue des Meuniers, Vincennes, France - In front of 9B Rue des Meuniers. Closest train station: Vincennes (RER A) or metro station Chateau de Vincennes (line 1)
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    Time machine! Really, this photo shoot is a great pleasure. I offered it to my mum, who doesn’t like that much to be taken in picture and finally she loooved it. All the time spent of making up, hairdressing and playong with vintage accessories was truly fascinating. And the shooting itself, very smooth and easy, thanks to Genenviève, who is the most charming Parisienne I ever met (I didn’t meet so many… however).

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