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The Resistance in Paris Walking Tour (Private)

Why you shouldn't miss it!

  • An excellent introduction to French minds and French contemporary history
  • A tour in a district which almost nobody knows about its connections with Resistance activities
  • For those who think Paris could provide something else than a run-of-the-mill cafés-and-romance tour
  • Jean-Manuel’s special gift: 3 surprises included
Your Welcomers
In a nutshell

2 Hours



Not Accessible

Refund up to 72h

What's Included:   Secrets of the French Resistance and Jean-Manuel's witty humour
Milestones:  Opera House district

In France and elsewhere, the Resistance was one of the most heroic endeavors of all time. But how did it go? What did people actually do, every day? And, by the way, where did they get their money from? And, given the notoriously opinionated temper of the French, was the Resistance a single-minded, united operation or was it, well, French?

These, and many other, questions will be answered during this highly unusual tour, located in the 9th Parisian district which 99,99% of foreign visitors have no idea of how it was heavily connected with Resistance activities. Not to mention Parisians themselves.

In Details

The idea of which came to Jean-Manuel whilst interviewing elderly Spanish anarchists who told him the harrowing tales of their Resistance against Francisco Franco. Apart from his extensive personal reading on the subject, Jean-Manuel also went back to his former high school professor of French, who had been a Resistance courier in her teenage years.He realized that the memories are still very fresh, the testimonies and stories are numerous and in most cases sufficiently cross-checked, and the issues are still very relevant to our modern world.

As Resistance has everything to deal with discretion, the itinerary you will follow remains secret. However, we will remain in a radius of roughly 500m around Gare Saint-Lazare, an area mostly known for department stores.

We will follow some tail-breaking and escape routes actually used by Resistance fighters, and, this being France, we will also discover one of the luxurious spots where German officers… how can we phrase this… relaxed in the arms of welcoming female company, while said company assiduously listened and later conveyed those hard-won tidbits to the Résistance.

The third surprise is a fairly chic establishment, where a cup of tea may not be the worst way to refresh spirits stunned by all the drama.

Wigs, sunglasses and gumshoes are optional but all questions will be very welcome.

Price Details

  • 390€PER PERSON

Starting Point

Meeting Address: 1 Cour de Rome, 75008 Paris, France - At the foot of "Suitcases" Monument, Cour de Rome, Metro lines 3, 12, 13 & 14, Saint-Lazare station

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