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Passionate about

French culture and cuisine, Allison moved to Paris from Virginia in 1995. After working as a professional chef in the U.S. and the Loire Valley, she taught culinary arts to students earning diplomas as part of the national apprentice system for future French chefs.

After training

and working as a tour guide, she started in 2014 to offer cooking classes, historic walking tours, and market tours to English speaking visitors to Paris. She loves working with people and sharing her knowledge about Parisian food and culture. She loves to teach, but visitors to Paris shouldn’t ever feel like they’re in some boring classroom.

She makes

contemporary stained glass windows and practices welding in her free time. She loves going everywhere by Dutch bicycle -- even the hills of Belleville!
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My Best location in Paris ?


My péché Mignon ?

Hummus - I can eat it at sun up, lunch and dinner!

My Favorite Quote ?

“To be Parisian is not to be born in Paris, it is to be reborn there." - Sacha Guitry.

My Super Power ?

I can cycle up the steepest slopes of Belleville like a Tour de France racer!

Allison's activities
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    Christmas in Paris - Pastry & Chocolate Tour

    With Allison
    Is this tour recommended for vegetarians? This tour suits completely to the vegetarians. Vegan peop...

    2h €90 8 MAX.
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    yes please !