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Amélie likes Art

History and story telling! Initially, she studied Art History and Law to work in the Art business. But her true interest lies in the artworks rather than their worth, so she turned to the museum world. Here, she chose to become a professional guide. Ah! the pleasure of being surrounded daily by artworks not… paperwork!

She enjoys

spending her days in magnificent places meeting interesting people, discussing works of Art - a constantly renewed pleasure. No two visitors or tours are comparable on any one day.

On her tours

Amélie's motto is that she doesn’t want visitors to be the only ones to learn. Tirelessly sharing knowledge and passion, Amélie also teaches at her former University. Isn’t this what they call a virtuous circle?
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My Best location in Paris ?

Saint-Martin Canal and Ourcq Canal

My péché Mignon ?

the Ispahan from Ladurée, a rose-litchi-raspberry macaroon

My Favorite Quote ?

"Paris is tiny for those, like us, whose love for each other is so vast" - Jacques Prévert

My Super Power ?

My wince to make you laugh are irresistible!