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Curiosity made Man

Tony, as a youngster, wanted to travel the world to find dinosaur bones and traces of lost civilizations! His passion for Pharaonic Egypt led him to study Art History in La Sorbonne University. On a trip to Egypt, he had the revelation he wished for to become a tourist guide and share his passion for art!

Sharing is a true passion.

Tony likes ensuring visitors have a great stay. He will reveal Paris to you with an efficient and quirky manner. Thus, did you know that a swindler, Al Capone’s good friend, sold the Eiffel Tower? To who? Meet Tony and you’ll found out!

Native of the Atlantic Coast,

Tony appreciates frequent far-flung travels. Recently, he spent several months in the US and South America. But Paris is his place, the one he has almost always lived in. He adores its architecture and knows many hidden recesses. But Paris still surprises him, with a lesser-known street or address. Maybe he will unearth one for you!
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My Best location in Paris ?

The Buttes-Chaumont park

My péché Mignon ?

I have a mazing massage skills.

My Favorite Quote ?

"Live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry" - Jack Kerouac

My Super Power ?

Anything with dark chocolate