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Christine was born

in Gao (Mali) and came to France at age 10. This childhood abroad gave her a taste for far-away places. Hardly surprising, then, that she chose a career in travel and tourism. Having had several jobs (even as a cover girl…!) her many journeys enabled her to discover many continents and countries, but most of all, she learned how to get to know people. All these travels and encounters led her to be what she is today and to find her home base: Paris.

The beauties,

dark sides and subtleties of the city are what she adores sharing. Speaking about History, she prefers the stories behind great historical events. Even after 30 years, she's still amazed by Paris and by those who come to see it. Like, for instance, this gentlement who proposed to her "fiancée" during their Eiffel Tower tour... The bride was so emotionnal that the ring split through her hands and... Well, meet Christine, and she will tell you how the story ended !!!

She adores

hearing her visitors say “wow” when they’re impressed by a place or a story. Her only wish: hearing them say it as often as possible.
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My Best location in Paris ?

Saint-Louis Island... or my flat

My péché Mignon ?

Croissants in bed in the morning

My Favorite Quote ?

"Nothing’s as stupid as triumphing over. Persuasion is the real glory" - Victor Hugo

My Super Power ?

My incredible smile