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Born in Greece

into a family of archaeologists, Daphné wears the name of a Nymph. The kind of details that decides of a life way, doesn’t? Akeen with art and archeology, Daphné nevertheless became an opera singer, spending 20 years working as a soprano all over the world. This only heightened her unfulfilled passion for history and monuments so she decided to train to be a guide.

A new playground

was chosen: Paris! Here, new discoveries pop up every day on your way, if you’re curious like she is: a hidden portion of the medieval city wall, a quiet overgrown garden behind a massive old door, a lovely architectural detail... Daphné thinks this city is like an advent-calendar: you never know what treasure you're going to chance upon if you put your foot in the crack whenever you see a gate opening.

Going back in time

is Daphné’s favorite wish. She would cross the Seine on the now-disappeared bridges, take a peek at the inaugural evening of the Garnier Opera House in 1874 and have coffee at a table next to Hemingway's at La Coupole to eavesdrop on his conversation with the Fitzgerald.

My Best location in Paris ?

The "hidden" little garden inside the Petit Palais Museum.

My péché Mignon ?

I'm juggling with the duties of three jobs: guide, singer... and mom !

My Favorite Quote ?

" Glory to the French ! They worked for the two fundamental needs of humanity: good food and civil rights" - Heinrich Heine

My Super Power ?

A "Praluline", a delicious brioche filled with caramelized almonds and hazelnuts from Pralus pastry shop... Noone who tastes that brioche ever forgets it