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Daphne was born in Greece, into a family of archaeologists, so she spent a good part of her childhood in museums and antique sites. After moving to Paris and studying history of art and archaeology, she decided to dedicate herself to her first love: Opera. She spent the next twenty years working as a soprano, performing on stages and concert-halls all over the world. As such, she was the privileged visitor of a number of fabulous monuments closed to the public, such as the Hôtel de Salm, the Hôtel de Talleyrand-Périgord and the Hôtel de Noailles. This only heightened her unfulfilled passion for history and monuments so she decided to train to be a licensed guide. Today she works both as a singer and a guide, in palaces, museums, gardens and city tours. Her musician's sensitivity, combined with her insatiable curiosity, talent for communicating and love of Paris make her an ideal companion for visitors eager to explore and experience the unique music and feel of this city.

My Best location in Paris ?

The "hidden" little garden inside the Petit Palais Museum.

My péché Mignon ?

I'm juggling with the duties of three jobs: guide, singer... and mom !

My Favorite Quote ?

" Glory to the French ! They worked for the two fundamental needs of humanity: good food and civil rights" - Heinrich Heine

My Super Power ?

A "Praluline", a delicious brioche filled with caramelized almonds and hazelnuts from Pralus pastry shop... Noone who tastes that brioche ever forgets it