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After studying

photography then sculpture in South Africa, Darryl had to leave his country for political reasons and obtained asylum in France in 1980. Several jobs later (teacher, theatre technician, musician) he resumed photography, was asked to join Agence Vu, and became a photojournalist.

Author of two novels

he's also written many articles supporting his photo-reports. In 2003 to 2005, he made three documentary films for French and South African television. While continuing with photography, he began teaching it in 2011, which he still does today. Over the past few years he has completed work for a book on Saint-Germain-des-Prés, written a novel (he’s currently looking for a publisher) and is now working on a book of photos and texts on “Paris around midnight”.

He loves

music and still plays, particularly classical and jazz, and he’s still in love with Paris. Why? He loves the buildings, the river and its bridges, the small squares and unexpected courtyards, the cafés... and he loves the crazy Parisians!

My Best location in Paris ?

The Left Bank near Pont des Arts

My péché Mignon ?

Peanut butter (yum)

My Favorite Quote ?

"Don't beat about the bush, plunge into the thick of it!" - Oom Riempie, Cape Town

My Super Power ?

I'm several artists in one: photographer, journalist, novelist and musician

Darryl's activities
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    1h Louvre Photoshoot (Private)

    With Darryl
    Can we be photographed inside the Louvre? No, you will not enter the Louvre during that photoshoot....

    1h €235 4 MAX.
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    yes please !