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Growing up in Arkansas

Elodie got the taste of adventure. Discovering very young the Cape Canaveral space center, Yellowstone park or the Hawaiian volcanoes gave her a lust for travel and an endless curiosity. It goes from wildlife (see below her super power) to Shakespeare, whom she discovered at the age of 14 and never stopped to be his biggest fan ever since.

She dreamt of

Working in something that had to do with art and history. She was fascinated by the Middle Ages. And when she visited the Jorvik Viking Centre (York, England) where they reconstructed an entire Viking village, Elodie was both in shock and admiration: they got everything right, even the smells! Finally, admiration outweighed.

Both history and art history

were her topics at the university. She dropped out of history because there weren’t enough images in the books! She aims to be as jovial and funny and bring art and history to life! That’s why she finally left behind the idea of a PhD because she realized she didn’t want to write for professors but to share her knowledge with people, maybe clueless but always curious to learn.

My Best location in Paris ?

The view on the Eiffel Tower from a metro passing over Bir Hakeim Bridge.

My péché Mignon ?

Paris-Brest pastry and Reblochon cheese

My Favorite Quote ?

“To judge is not to understand). To understand everything, it is to love everything.” - Odilon Redon

My Super Power ?

I perfectly imitate an asthmatic koala when I laugh.