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The Loire Valley

is the place where Gabriel got his first taste for history. He used to be a cultural event manager in one of the beautiful Loire chateaux. The atmosphere of this region is so full of the Kings of France’s memories; you might think that you could meet any historical character around a corner.

As an actor and author

Gabriel likes to put himself in the shoes of imaginary characters, and history is an inexhaustible reservoir of dreams and fantasy. So, he decided to invite other dreamers into his universe, offering modern sitters the chance to become a character of the Past, having their face inserted into a historical portrait.

For Gabriel, Art

is not only a passion but a genuine “art de vivre”. Located in the very heart of Paris, his quaint flat, as refined and elegant as a royal “boudoir”, is the perfect place to do like Alice in Wonderland: go beyond the frame. But in Gabriel’s histo-portraits tale, the white rabbit’s role is held by Nérée, a gorgeous Siberian cat; exactly the kind of pet you might have found on royal knees.
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My Best location in Paris ?

Gustave Moreau Museum

My péché Mignon ?

A chocolate from Foucher

My Favorite Quote ?

"If there is no more bread… Bring me some brioche!" - my ancestor Marie-Gabrielle, a very good friend of Marie-Antoinette.

My Super Power ?

My cat Nérée’s blue eyes... You won't resist...