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Parisienne by every inch

Julie was born in the 16th district and lived in the 18th. She studied a lot (Political sciences, international trade among other things) before finding her vocation – guide, for your highest happiness!

Having travelled a lot,

all over the world, she lived in Morocco, in India, in Italy, and Ireland. She’s convinced that a successful stay goes with beautiful meetings, enthusiastic, generous, dynamic people and original visits.

Being surprised

is what Julie likes the most, along with strolling, observing around, getting lost… why not?! She likes both adventure, sport and also celebrate. Her pleasure is to share her knowledge and her good plans with you, for example about other districts than those trampled by tourists in a hurry. Julie does not like to feel stuffy, nor restrained. Two words to describe the spirit of her tours: half way between organisation and spontaneity.
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My Best location in Paris ?

I will tell you when we meet.

My péché Mignon ?

Truffled brie cheese

My Favorite Quote ?

"I believe I can fly" - R. Kelly

My Super Power ?

I can fly.