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Marion in three words?

Curious, punchy and with a thirst …for culture… whether it means chocolate or History. In a way, she fell into the pot of History at the youngest age, her parents, teachers, were themselves fond of art and history. One more detail about childhood: Marion grew up in Tours, capital town of the Loire Valley, where so many kings themselves lived. It created links (see her super power, below).

As there is nothing

Marion likes nothing better than sharing her interest with the widest audience, she studied both Art History and Cultural Mediation. She was lucky enough to spend a year in Florence and to intern at the Oklahoma University working in the Fred Jones Junior Museum of Art. Marion traveled to Japan too.

With its beauty

energy and historical wealth, Paris proves to be the best post for a passionate like Marion. In the last 3 years, Marion has been guiding her guests through French History… and gastronomy alike. With her, you will enjoy humorous anecdotes, juicy tidbits, how often small stuff makes Great History… and how strong friends chocolate and Art History can be!
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My Best location in Paris ?

Garnier Opera House, a jewel in Paris.

My péché Mignon ?

A simple piece of crunchy baguette, with salty butter – even better with cheese and wine.

My Favorite Quote ?

"Add two letters to Paris and it's 'Paradis' " (i.e paradise) - Jules Renard

My Super Power ?

I can recite the whole Kings of France chronology in the right order, standing on my head.

Marion's activities
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    Gourmet Food Tour in St-Germain-des-Prés (Dinner Time)

    With Marion
    Is that tour recommendable for a vegetarian like me? This tour offers mainly tastings based on mea...

    3h €110 6 MAX.
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    yes please !