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Myriam spent

her childhood in Bordeaux (South-western France) and although very young, several passions prevailed: journeys, History and ballet dance. After studies in Tourism and Art History, Myriam went off to explore the world as a guide and tour leader for over 20 years. These journeys taught her to appreciate a variety of landscapes, cultures and People... She settled down in Paris, with the same desire for meetings and discoveries.

She especially

intended to share what surrounds her with passion and she quite succeeded. According to her, Paris is a rich, secret and versatile city. Observing the delight of tourists is a daily happiness. For Myriam, to be a guide is a fabulous job, and in spite of her years of experience, she kept this dynamism and this curious outlook which she wants to communicate to new friends passing through.

Ballet dance

and yoga are her passions, the latter being a consequence of her love for India, a country she visits annually to invigorate her mind. Nevertheless, Paris is where she feels the deepest joy of living, by walking though the old districts of the city, its secret passages and paved alleys, its old fountains and hidden inner courtyards. She will gladly share with you her long-lasting curiosity. Then, follow the guide!
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My Best location in Paris ?

The Latin Quarter

My péché Mignon ?

Spending time in charming tea rooms, tasting delicacies

My Favorite Quote ?

"Life is a mystery to be lived, and not a problem to be solved" - Gandhi

My Super Power ?

I know like no other how to drape a sari