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Under the sun of Algeria

That’s where Richard was born. After a career in the French National police force, he began a new career as a private chauffeur. A choice fuelled by his long-lasting practice of mechanical sport. Passionate about cars, motorcycles and auto racing, he competed in numerous rallies.

Previously an experienced car pilot

Richard is naturally a highly-skilled chauffeur, always attentive to his passengers’ comfort. He knows which route to favor to showcase the most beautiful aspects of the capital. And it is as true as in the daytime as it is at night.

Another passion drives him.

Richard is a wine connoisseur. He moreover lives in one of the rare cities around Paris which possesses a vineyard. He likes traveling throughout France to discover underestimated wine growers, small by their production, but big by the quality of their work and their love of their “terroir”. Richard likes sharing his wine-producing encounters. Always with moderation and, of course, without ever, mixing driving and tasting!

My Best location in Paris ?

The panorama with Alexandre-III Bridge and Invalides, preferably at sunset.

My péché Mignon ?

A glass of Condrieu wine (south of Lyon)

My Favorite Quote ?

"The good time to laugh: every time we can." - Linda Ellerbee

My Super Power ?

I can make the Eiffel Tower sparkle, while driving by.